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Trump Calls Jewish Democrats Disloyal

It was recently announced in the Jewish media that Trump denounced Jewish supporters of the Democratic party as disloyal to America. He also called Jewish supporters of the Democratic party ignorant. This is just one example among countless others that shows that Trump is a Jew trying to further poison the people's minds with Jewish deception. How can a Jew be loyal to a nation when he never means to and never can be loyal to the laws governing nature to start with? This statement by Jew Trump simply suggests that the Jewish people are capable of being good world citizens. All evidence is to the contrary of this suggestion.

Trump: "If only all Jews would join our side and lose their ignorance, then we would be such great allies". Of course, this is Jewish deception which is meant to have the masses believe that Jews can be loyal supporters of both sides of an issue or a debate. The Jews know who they support and who they will not support and have their own devious reasons why. The Jews are not acting out of ignorance when they claim to support one side against another. It's all planned by Jews for the greatest effect of corruption against humanity.

Jews are faithful (I am aware that using this term is ridiculous when considering most Jews are atheists and do not belong to any religious faith) to their group's welfare only. And everywhere we see corruption, we see Jewry as the instigator.

I ask you all this: How can a Jew be loyal to any country in which he resides? The Jewish Problem is not a problem concerning only "Israel". Even if "Israel" is destroyed, the Jews will still be around infesting all the other nations. And a Jew is always a Jew, regardless of religious faith or lack thereof and without any regard to the nation to which he always immorally depends. As a Jew, he is and remains always world poisoner and corrupter. Everywhere the Jew lives he is a foreigner and an international pest. The Jews, a racial mixture, are the embodiment of cosmopolitanism and world corruption towards which the best of us must always resist without any mercy.