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Only Jews Work on Holidays

Contrary to the common information the masses are told, only one group of people work on holidays, and that is the Jews. It should not be a surprise to those Gentiles who know about the Jew's way of deceit and its purposes. Holidays are placed to make sure we do not interfere with the Jews' plans. Take the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. If the name Sandy Hook is not a clue, the event was staged by a certain people, the majority of whom are endowed with Hooked noses, who were able to Hook the masses onto the idea that children were killed in the incident, thus strengthening control over the United States by way of laws enacted. It's no coincidence that the "shooting" took place during Christmas season; the Jews wanted to dramatize this event and lower our defense to help appeal to the pathos of the crowds by announcing it at that time.

Thanks to the holidays, the Jews are steps ahead of us.


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