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Death Is the Only Solution to the Jewish Problem

What do I say is the only solution to the Jewish Problem?

Death. Yes, every Jew, along with every Judeophile (or Jew-sympathizer), must be extinguished from the Earth if we wish to rid ourselves of degeneracy and corruption.

(I consider a Jew to be anyone with the smallest detectable amount of Jewish blood. I consider a Judeophile to be anyone who is by nature a delinquent, a defective, or a degenerate, or an open supporter or sympathizer of any Jew. This includes by my estimation at the very least 98% of the world's Gentile population (the actual percent is unfortunately probably much higher). Judeophiles will get no sympathy from me in our struggle against the Jewish Problem.)

Resist the Jew mercilessly.Know that our struggle against world Jewry is the greatest struggle to affect mankind. Our struggle against the Jew is a fight against degeneracy and corruption altogether. Our fight against world Jewry will require the best of humanity to confront successfully. Know that ourstrug…
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Jews Behind Tattooism

Just a few decades ago it was considered antisocial by society for one to bear tattoos. This was when our society was less thoroughly under the influence of Jewish degeneracy and corruption.

The Jews promote tattoos because it separates the individual from the racial entity. It tends to make him a rebel against society, similar to the atheism which Jews are advocating among the masses. "To each man his own, we are all unique" - this is one of the major reasons for the under-man to seek tattooism. It is one of the most pernicious fallacies that has affected mankind. For this reason the Jews are promulgating mongrelization among the races, disregarding the racial average of each of the races and their differing physical, intellectual, and moral tendencies, insisting that there are no racial differences and all differences among humans belong to the individual rather than the race.

I am certain race plays a part in the tendency towards tattooism. Race explains why certain group…

Why I Hate Optimism

I hate optimistic people. People in the 21st century think everything is as it was in the past and as it should be. But this is simply not the truth. By studying actual history, not the Jewish-promoted scenes one is exposed to as "history", one would discover that people in past centuries were far more morally and intellectually upright than people in the 21st century. We in the 21st century might as well be considered a joke when we look at the best of our people today compared to the best of the people during the time of Ancient Greece. Who in the world today is as morally and intellectually ardent as, for example, Plato? Of course, no one can name anyone with the same level of virtue today as Plato and other past thinkers had. We in the 21st century have far more to learn from past events than what the Jews tell us. I suppose the Ancient Greeks during the time of Plato had some right to be optimistic of the future. But we are not to compare ourselves to that period. Now t…

The Highest Segment of Society

Everywhere on the Internet there is much trash-talking on Negroes (also called Blacks, or the more misleading "Africans"), Arabs (of the Araboid race), Mongoloids (fallaciously referred to as "Asians" by the Jewish media), and other races and groups. These people regularly get called racial slurs and are continuously attacked online by a certain mysterious clique. This slandering of the races online gets relatively little to no censorship from technology companies and is readily available for all to see on most popular websites. Yet there is precious little genuine substance online concerning one group - the enemy of the planet known as world Jewry. If one posts anything which is opposed to Jewish corruption, he is either dismissed, or, more often, his posts and account on the site he posts are deleted, and his Internet service sometimes deactivated, by the Jews who control the Internet through the Internet Service Providers, popular websites, website hosting serve…

College Is Jewish Indoctrination

Many of us, myself included, have been going back to school during these past few days. Now that I am Jew-aware, I try to keep records in my mind of every time the Jews at these Judeo-indoctrination centers known as colleges (I am attending one currently) try to deceive the masses. It cannot be a coincidence that all universities and colleges are controlled by one ethnicity, the Jews. Of course, the Jews fool me no longer. I am aware of their deception now. Unfortunately, however, most people will never be aware of the Jews' corruptive schemes because they lack the intellectual and moral vigor to realize and actively oppose the omnipresent Jewish world plague. That's fine with me because it's how it's always been, and I probably cannot change how they feel, as I am inclined to believe that their shortcomings are largely inherent. The masses will always lean towards what's "trending", what's "popular", while the best minds will simply strive…

Trump Calls Jewish Democrats Disloyal

It was recently announced in the Jewish media that Trump denounced Jewish supporters of the Democratic party as disloyal to America. He also called Jewish supporters of the Democratic party ignorant. This is just one example among countless others that shows that Trump is a Jew trying to further poison the people's minds with Jewish deception. How can a Jew be loyal to a nation when he never means to and never can be loyal to the laws governing nature to start with? This statement by Jew Trump simply suggests that the Jewish people are capable of being good world citizens. All evidence is to the contrary of this suggestion.

Jews are faithful (I am aware that using this term is ridiculous when considering most Jews are atheists and do not belong to any religious faith) to their group's welfare only. And everywhere we see corruption, we see Jewry as the instigator.

I ask you all this: How can a Jew be loyal to any country in which he resides? The Jewish Problem is not a problem …