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Are Nuclear Weapons Real?

Fear is how the Jews control us! 
Today, August 6, is the day when the city of Hiroshima was supposedly destroyed by use of nuclear technology. While this day, which marks 75 years since the bomb was allegedly dropped, is supposed to be a day to mourn the lives supposedly lost due to "Little Boy", the question that one should ask before doing so is, Do nuclear weapons really exist - or are they just a figment of the imagination? Simply looking at the ridiculous photographs of nuclear explosions, which look like computer-generated art, makes me inclined to suspect the latter. But let us investigate the matter further: Take a look at the Jews who were behind the so-called Manhattan Project; take a look at the Jewish politicians who were involved in national nuclear weapons projects; and take a look at the Jewish journalists who promote the idea of nuclear weaponry, and who use it to fear us into submission. Given that the Jew claims exclusive knowledge to "top secret"…
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Some Musings - 25 July 2020

I've noticed that I've been starting to receive attention from Jews on other websites. One particular post will be given consideration here. The post was from one of the Jews' social media platforms, and is, therefore, rubbish and not worth linking to. I won't even mention the site where I found the post, but I'll give a hint. The site sounds similar to litter, and its association with that term goes frankly beyond plain rhyme. You may, of course, infer what site I am referring to by the corresponding logo in the image below.

The Jews are only pretending to whine to business executives and leaders, and there are two reasons for this. First, the Jews want people to believe that they are not as powerful as they really are; and by pretending to be whining for help, the Jews are trying to give people the impression that they have so little influence of their own that they have to beg the people at the leadership positions to do things for them, when the truth, of course…

Jews and the Religion Trick

Jews have not only their own, exclusive religion, but are members of other religions as well. But besides this, the great majority of Jews are atheists who follow no religion.
Religion, like popular atheism, is likely a Jewish creation. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, Paganism - religion is evil, even if popular atheism is worse than any of these. Religion, with its completely absurd and illogical claims and its reliance on unthinking obedience, has done much harm to the planet. Naturally, people will criticize me for such words; they fight for their beliefs, only for them to do the very same wrongs they criticize and to render their faith into something that can only be fought in vain. The masses, with the little sense of reality they have, base their beliefs on imagination and hearsay, faith and superstition, egotism and illogic. There is no evidence that a god exists, nor is there any evidence of an afterlife. The believers of religion have committed atrocities in…

Nothing Is Out of Jewish Reach

If the title isn't enough, look around you! You'll see the Jews own all the major resources within all nations. Jewish money funds and deeply penetrates every business in the world. They have been behind the scenes for thousands of years. They have invaded countries by pretending to be expelled and restricted from another. They have spread their numbers and their poisonous ideas on the planet while the masses of every nation thought they were a bygone influence in their own. Because of that, their depraved ideas have had much the more success! When one nation said it got rid of them, it only expanded their influence in the world, and the result was that they became not merely a local problem, but an international pest. With the Jews in government, they enacted laws aimed against their kind, but only to have themselves welcomed by others to do injury to mankind and the world. With every expulsion boastfully declared by one nation, they became stronger. As the Jews have practice…

How Did You Become Aware?

How did you become Jew-aware? How did it start for you? Here I will try to tell readers a little more about how I became aware of the Jews.
As for "When", and "Where", I was either 14 or 15 years old when I started to consider the Jewish Problem. I was in my first year of high school. I am 21 years old now, and I live in the United States. No one in my life ever told me about the Jews and their real nature, and no one instructed me or warned me about their real nature in person. Nor did I personally know anyone who was really aware of the Jewish Problem. My process of becoming Jew-aware had been formed largely through the Internet. But before this process, I wondered: Why does mankind care so little for its fellows? Why is there so much corruption and degeneracy on this planet? And why does mankind do nothing to put an end to this corruption and degeneracy? When I heard, and watched, and read about corruption reported in the media, I wondered, Who is behind all thes…

The Struggle Against the Jews Must Continue

Never give up in our struggle against the Jews! I give my guarantee that I will never surrender to the Jews, not for as long as I live. When the Jewish Problem was faced, it came to my realization that this is a problem which is worthy of an enduring fight, one that must continue for a thousand more years if necessary.
The Jew and the Gentile are as unassimilable an amalgam as oil and water. They cannot exist together without instability. We can give no exceptions: Either good will happen for humanity and this goodness will prevail, or the Jews will be allowed to live among us still.
We are the people making history. We have the courage to reject what is popular today, as we know that what is popular is corrupt, because what is popular now is Jewish. This requires courage! We have also come to know that all the races have their traitors and degenerates. These traitors and degenerates are the majority in all nations, because the masses are necessarily followers of that which is popular, …

Law and Morality - Two Different Things

As the Jews' own hypocritical "anti-Semitic hate crime" laws demonstrate, law and morality are two different things, even if they can be compatible with each other. Many Gentiles in law enforcement will criticize me and insist otherwise. They would love to think of themselves as working in the name of "justice". But justice is moral rightness, and the law can be morally wrong. And since Jews drafted and passed most laws within the nations, following the law is often following what is morally wrong. When someone does the right thing, this doesn't mean he's following the law. It means he's being moral and just. Sadly, the Gentile masses never seem to look into this matter, allowing the Jews to invade their lands. The masses are so stupid that they will never realize that law and morality are different. The law is a necessity, but is prejudicially made. The wrongs of the government are overlooked by the crowds. The crowds expect to be treated with terr…

Television - the Magic Spell

All good actions result from reason!

The TV, as you probably know, is a major medium through which the Jews are promoting their filthy propaganda. However, the Jews did not invent the television - they have simply subverted it. (Jews have never created anything of even the slightest value for humanity, and never will.) Of course, the Jews control not just the TV, but all media; and by TV I refer not merely to the traditional vision of a TV set in the house living room, but also to those much more popular online variants today, which the Jews financed, and dominate to as great, if not greater an extent as they do the idiot box.

One looking at the TV viewing crowd may notice that the crowd tries to imitate the mannerisms of Jewish celebrities like Taylor Swift (and many others besides). Something is truly pathetic about the Jewish media loving crowds, especially when it is considered that the viewing, listening, and even reading of all that Jewish filth diminishes a wide fraction of the…